METAFITclub distributes the latest technological advancement in fitness and health. We proudly deliver Ivan Perujo personal training system, which maximizes your results and minimizes the time you spend training.



You exercise, eat a healthy diet, and you never miss your annual checkup. But sometimes it’s not enough with a busy schedule and uncontrollable forces that can affect your balance. Long hours, exhaustion, and lack of motivation can take away the will to work out. METAFITclub provides flexible wellness solutions that are tailored to meet you at your skill and pace with great efficiency.

METAFITclub brings forth the current movement from Europe, through electro muscle stimulation and Ivan Perujo personal training system. This provides the utmost customer satisfaction with less time training, high gratification for our associates and long term sustainable growth for our vendors.




Once or twice a week, the client can reach their fitness goal in half the time. Within a mere 20 minutes, a customer approximately contracts 350 muscles reaching 36000 contractions in the entire body with one training session. This provides the same results as a 90 minute workout, while incorporating EMS technology.
One on one
Everyone has the opportunity to experience a high quality service with a personal trainer to help guide and motivate you. The one-on-one training allows the exercises to be executed with synchronized pulse rhythms controlled by the trainer. The personal trainer shall demonstrate each task and help the customers to perform the exercises correctly. After each workout session muscles will seem toned that remain visible during regular training sessions.
Full Body Workout
Inside the special training clothes, there are 10 electrodes connected to each main muscle group: Upper-lower back, chest, biceps and triceps, abdominals, gluteus, quadriceps, hamstring and calves. Electrical impulses are delivered to each muscle group simultaneously, although the intensity of each electrode can be individually increased or decreased depending on the area and customers goals.
The EMS device has no minimum training levels. Anyone is able to experience a comfortable workout without creating harm to joints or bones. All workouts begin with a light stimulation applied to the muscles to introduce the stimulation-sensation and awaken the muscles. Gradually applying a higher stimulation, the body becomes accustomed and the customer can begin to feel the ‘burn’.
Body Building
This training is similar to weight training, as it is focusing on the development of muscles. This facilitate muscle functioning and the formation of lean muscle. The training with EMS can also be used for strengthening weak back muscles and post-natal problems. This training helps the regeneration and firming of muscles and connective tissues prolonged during pregnancy. Soon after pregnancy abdominal muscles can regain their original tone and condition.
Fat burner
In conjunction with body building, EMS training can be set up particularly for specific parts of the body to reach the clients desired goals. The performance of contracting the muscles at higher level of stimulation, raises the oxygen consumptions of cells and burns calories faster. This fat-burning magic comes from increasing metabolism and healthy eating habits.
The best part of working out with EMS training, the trainer can set the electrodes to high and low stimulation, which can assist with the reduction of cellulite. This is done by using a low intensity setting that increases blood circulation, boosts metabolism and breaks down fat cells.

“Success is nothing more than a few disciplines, practiced everyday”

Jim Rohn


In order to address the different needs of our industry, we have designed the following business solutions:


Ivan Perujo, Spain’s leading celebrity and professional athletes coach, is the first man from contact sports industry to introduce a new world-wide personal training method using the latest technology through EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation).
Today many clubs and football players are training with high tech devices. The innovation and efficiency of Ivan Perujo training strategy make this system a modern tool to fitness. In addition to sport players many celebrities use our devices for training as well.


Change is fun. Change is hard. Between Jose Luis Zamorano and Alex Albelda, two Spanish entrepreneurs, began a new venture of welcoming E-fit and Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to the Bay Area, the future of training.
The happenstance began in Madrid, Spain 2014. Jose Luis Zamorano returned home, where he conversed with a friend about the new EMS technology. Curious, his friend took him to a health club, where they had an available ‘training point’ to test out this new fitness technology and a light bulb struck!
Soon after, Mr. Zamorano returned to San Francisco, he recruited Alex Albelda, a enthusiastic entrepreneur and certified personal trainer. Together they began the groundworks to provide the first EMS device to the West Coast, in the United States. Once establishing themselves as METAFITclub, they soon after teamed up with Ivan Perujo, International Sporting Director of E-Fit.
METAFITclub and Ivan Perujo’s Training System provide a new efficient way to workout in twenty minutes, two times per week. There are no more excuses to opt out of maintaining one’s physical health!


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