Electro Fitness Training

The E-Fit devices, which has been perfected through extensive research, uses the EMS technology to give everyone a chance to be experienced through fitness. The device comprises of a special suit equipped with 10 electrode pairs matched with a comfortable and breathable material, that allows a freedom in exercise and keeps the electrode cables on the appropriate muscle group perfectly. A vest and a pair of shorts made of light and strong fabric are the heart and soul of the E-Fit devices. These clothes, made of antibacterial, easy-to-clean and breathable fabric to keep the electrodes in position.
Paired with a professional trainer and EMS device, the client begins with simple gymnastics and strengthening exercises. This begins the process of muscle development and fat burning, which is ten times more efficient than working out manually. The key essence to E-Fit training lies in the simultaneous stimulation of the entire body, as all muscle groups are exercised at the same time, the average length of a workout session is reduced to one-sixth.

What does E-Fit offer you?

Individual pace and capacity.
Varied workout routines.
Undivided attention from professional trainer.
E-Fit creates workout sessions specifically for you.

During the hours spent in the gym concentrating on manual workouts to exercise all the muscle groups can takes an average 1-2 hours, depending on how much motivation the client is willing to put in.

Average workout breakdown without EMS technology:
15-20 minutes of workout time for each body zone.
3-4 series of every exercise.
Effects 30-40 muscle contractions.
In contrast with the E-Fit equipment, all muscle groups are trained simultaneously with the electric impulses, creating 30-40 micro-contractions per second in all the muscles affected. Furthermore, the basic exercises that clients carry out during the training also stimulate the muscles, that are already in a tensed condition, which means approximately 36,000 muscle contractions in the entire body – all within in a mere 20 minute workout.