Workout Programmes

These type of programmes are made for customers who do not exercise regularly, are overweight, or have feeble muscles. Intensive training with this workout programme results in improved muscle tone and shape. Depending on the individual’s fitness level, even small loads can be applied to help them get used to the workout. By increasing the workload step by step, an older person or someone with weak muscles can also achieve rapid development in building of muscles.

Body shaping

This programme stimulates the body’s “fast” muscle groups: optimal tensile strength, short-term, high oxygen consumption, sensitivity, fatigue of the body. The resulting contractions are supplemented by a special rhythmical movement, which produces perfect results when used in two workouts per week.
This method is specifically developed for customers who do not wish to lose weight, but to build or tone muscles. The muscles are exposed to impulses of higher frequency and greater pulse width, whereby deeper muscles are also activated. Depending on the individual’s age, gender, body shape and training level the pulse width can be independently set, thus the intensity of exercise increases.
It is essential to achieve good results throughout regular exercises. The trainings can be made more effective by using different tools: dumbbells, rubber band, gym ball, TRX ropes, etc. The exercises should be synchronized with the pulse rhythm. The personal trainer shall demonstrate each task and help the customers to perform the exercises correctly. After each workout session, muscles will seem toned and remain visible during regular training sessions and maintaining a healthy diet regime. Protein shakes can be provided for the customers upon request, which can speed up the process of muscle building by accommodating the body’s metabolism.

Fat Burning

This programme performs a higher level of stimulation using a combined waveform specifically for the problematic parts of the body. Unlike body shaping, this setup increases the oxygen consumption of the cells and burns calories faster. This is done by using a low-frequency and low width of the pulses specifically stimulate the surface layer – wherein the fat layer is located and stimulates its metabolism. This type of stimuli does not affect deep muscles, thus the personal exercise is based on continuous, dynamic movements, with the help of a personal trainer. These exercises can be further intensified by using a step-bench, hand or leg weights.
The key to the weight loss programme is to keep the pulse rate within the fat burning zone. This can be easily controlled by the use of a heart rate monitor watch, but experienced personal trainers are able to keep the heart rate in the right zone. Positive results can be seen within a month, especially if combined with a healthy diet and regular cardio exercises.

Body Building

This training is similar to weight training, as it is focusing on the development of muscles. Muscle tightening during training leads to muscle hypertrophy-exaggerated growth or complexity. This means an increase in diameter, which depends on the extent of resistance and the duration of this tightened state.
During the programme, low-frequency muscle tensing and complete body exercises should be performed, focusing on one muscle group at a time with greater intensity and pulse width. According to the customer’s needs the length of contractions and the resting period between these contractions can be varied. These exercises are excellent for maintaining fitness level and are also great supplements of the conventional gym workouts, while easy on the joints.

Lymphatic circulation enhancement

As we age, we all begin to encounter health problems due to our body’s circulatory system becoming less effective. Most of us begin to notice honeycomb-shaped cellulite appearing on the waist, abdomen, hips and thighs.
Cellulite is caused by the weakening of connective tissues,fat cells, that accumulate between the skin and muscle tissues to create visible projections on the skin. These tissues can be stimulated with lower impulse intensity, which increases blood circulation and stimulates the removal of cellulite from problematic areas.
The presence of cellulite can be significantly reduced with the use of the equipment causing fluid flow to increases in the veins, arteries, and lymphatic vessels. The device also helps balance metabolism by cleaning the cells and the body-fluids from toxins, waste and other unwanted materials. This program is especially for those customers who struggle with these certain problems and to maintain a cellulite-free lifestyle by using this intense method.

Targeted muscle building

This is a supplementary training programme for targeting those muscle groups that are difficult to develop. Deep muscle stimulating impulses varied by the microprocessor-controlled by the E-Fit machine, help underdeveloped muscles to grow when applied with targeted exercises.
Also, misbalanced (asymmetric) muscle developments can be caused by certain “single-sided sports” and also due to the nature of the work or genetic abnormalities. Muscle stimulation is an excellent solution to these types of problems, as specific muscle groups are targeted and can become symmetrically developed.

Postpartum Recovery

This special training programme helps the regeneration, firming of muscles, and connective tissues prolonged during pregnancy. Soon after pregnancy abdominal muscles can regain their original tone and condition with EMS training.
During breastfeeding EMS training is not recommended as it can cause changes in the level of lactic acid, changing the taste, and composition of the milk. This is not the result of training of the chest muscles, but the intense exercise throughout the entire body. This is of course not specific to EMS trainings, but is a general phenomenon. In the phase of breastfeeding when the baby starts eating solid food, a gentle lower body workout can be performed. After breastfeeding the intensity of the workouts can be gradually increased and the EMS training will help to regain one’s pre-pregnancy figure within a short period of time.

Improving and strengthening posture

One of the key effects of electronic stimulation is that it also reaches and moves deeper muscles. Exercising deeper muscles, such as deep back muscles and muscles along the spine are normally quite difficult. These muscles are responsible for supporting the posture of our body, but it is mainly the sedentary lifestyle of today’s world that weakens most back muscles that cause upper and lower back pains. Muscle stimulation helps to strengthen these muscles and to carry out their function properly to create a healthy posture without pain.


At the end of every training session we use, as a cool-down, a relaxation programme in order to relax tense and engaged muscles. After the completed programme, muscle fibres are exposed to fine impulse waves which, because of their low frequency, have a relaxing effect.
This gentle and pleasant stimulation could actually be called micromassage, and through distinct contractions reduces stress in the muscle groups used. In addition to that, prepares tissues rest phase and helps remove waste products accumulated during workout. However, it is not a substitute of stretching and thus it is recommended that some stretching exercises are performed with the personal trainer’s help at the end of the training session.